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Potwierdzenie transakcji finansowej z 15 III 1518 r. - translation

Olsztyn, 15 March 1518

In God's name, Amen. To all and each who will see the present document, I, Nicholas Coppernig, canon of the church of Varmia, doctor of canon law, and administrator of the common property of the venerable Chapter of Varmia, etc., declare by the present [document] that Urban Scultetus, overseer in Ditterichswalt, holder of four exempt parcels in that place together with the office of overseer, having sought and obtained my permission for this [transaction], by a legal act of sale customary in these parts, affecting and concerning the four exempt parcels which he owns in the same place, with the consent of his wife and heirs, whose approval he promised in good faith, has sold to the honorable Nicholas Vicke, vicar of Varmia and chaplain of the castle in Olsztyn, buying for the fourth allod in Zcauwer owned by the venerable Baltasar Stokfisch, canon of Varmia, half a mark in good money of the annual rent, payable on the feast of St. Michael every year, in exchange for six marks of the same good money paid in full to him in cash. [Urban Scultetus] promises that he, his heirs, and the owners of the said parcels will pay at the next feast of St. Michael, in proportion to the [elapsed] time, half of the rent, that is, one-quarter [of a mark], and every year thereafter the entire rent of half a mark, to the said Baltasar or whoever will be the owner of the said fourth allod, until [Urban] himself, his heirs, or the owners of the parcels, will have accomplished the repurchase of this rent in whole or in part for himself or themselves, with money like that for which it was bought, rent in arrears, however, being previously paid in full in accordance with the time [involved]. In witness and confirmation of these [matters] the present document has been sealed with the seal of the office of administration. Done in the castle in Olsztyn on 15 March 1518 in the presence of Baltasar Lossau and Albert Szebulski, servitors, both called and summoned as witnesses to the foregoing [proceedings].

Translation by Edward Rosen
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