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Copernicus to Bishop Dantiscus - translation

Frombork, 9 August 1537

To his lordship, Most Reverend Father in Christ, Johannes [Dantiscus], by the grace of God bishop of Chełmno, and administrator of the Church in Pomesania, my most gracious lord

Your lordship, Most Reverend Father in Christ, your most gracious lordship:

A delivery to me by your Most Reverend Lordship's courier was the favorable moment that reminded me to give him something by way of a letter from me too for your Most Reverend Lordship.

These [past few] days I received news from Wrocław, which I send on to your Most Reverend Lordship, although I am afraid that it is already stale as far as your Lordship is concerned because the letter was dated 27 June. Nevertheless, the private written message to me is that communication arrived from the court of His Royal Majesty Ferdinand, containing the following information:

The Persian shah, prompted by the emperor, pope, and king of Portugal, is attacking Turkey with great strength in order to compel it to leave Italy and withdraw its expeditionary force. A truce between the king of France and the emperor is said to have been signed, with the widow of the duke of Milan being given, together with the duchy, to a son of the king of France. Our [troops], that is, King Ferdinand's, are doing well at Kosice. The man who had taken Kosice by treachery bas been captured, many of the enemy have been slain, and the fortress where the whole Kosice calamity began has also been taken. The Bohemians and Moravians are already on the march. In like manner the Silesians are crossing into Hungary on all sides. Perhaps, by the grace of God, they will recover Kosice and other [places]. It is also said that in our affairs the Weyda is suing for peace by proposing certain conditions. Whether they will be accepted, we still do not know.

This information in the letter, I pass on, just as I received it, to your Most Reverend Lordship, to whom I pledge my services and myself.

Frombork, 9 August 1537

Your Most Reverend Lordship's
most devoted

Nicholas Copernicus

Translation by Edward Rosen
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Mikołaj Kopernik
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